Our Mission is to tackle the roots of poverty in India through:

  • Understanding problems and challenges faced by communities and cultures,
  • Promoting inclusive, harmonious sustainable development,
  • Creating and sharing knowledge.

Our Methods are to:

  • Identify and work in partnership with existing likeminded organisations on the ground,
  • Provide or facilitate resources for development including health, welfare, training and equipment,
  • Initiate efficient and financially sustainable models that have a lasting impact on the people they aim to help.
What we do

Kamla Foundation works in India to expand opportunities for poor or vulnerable people and to help ensure that the benefits of global advancement are distributed a little more widely.

We organise our operations by both specific time-bound initiatives and by general programmeme areas. Initiatives take many forms and use many methods, but nearly all draw on our long-held beliefs in creating opportunities by spurring entrepreneurship, promoting innovation, building human and institutional capital and expanding access to and distribution of resources.

We avoid the temptation to engage in areas where others are more appropriately involved - for example specific public services - or where our resources alone cannot make a lasting impact. We are always seeking and welcoming opportunities for new partnerships and new networks.

Our Approach

We relentlessly press the advantages of our firm belief and commitment. Among these: a capacity for the calculated risk that underlies most innovation, for venturing where others remain reluctant to go; an ability, while ultimately insisting on measurable results, to be patient in developing sustainable solutions rather than illusory quick-fixes; and our ability to provide both inspiration and standing and also the potential to move not just money but minds and policies.

It is not the investments that determine how any great organisation is judged, but the outcomes of those investments.

For us, those outcomes are guided by our ability to innovate, influence, and, in the end, to generate impact.

By innovate, we mean the ability to identify more than just what is new. It means being both creative and expansive in how we identify and understand deep contextual challenges and flexible and agile in how we devise and deploy potential solutions.

Influence is a critical currency in today's rapidly changing world, where the complexities of market systems, governmental structures and cultures interact and compete for limited resources and advantage. The capacity to gain, retain and leverage influence in order to catalyse opportunities is essential to our efforts.

Impact is tangible, identifiable and in many cases, measurable. We focus our attention on issues and places not only where we know that change is needed, but where we have a real ability to affect change.


"Poverty is the worst form of violence"

Patrons: Baroness Jill Pitkeathley OBE
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