Partners in Gujarat

Medlife Foundation

Medlife Foundation is an inspirational charity based in Ahmedabad, in the state of Gujarat, North West India. They specialise in cleft lip and palate reconstruction. Within the poorest communities many thousands are born, or live with disfiguring clefts. A cleft is a birth defect that occurs when the tissues of the lip and/or palate of the fetus do not fuse very early in pregnancy. A cleft lip, sometimes referred to as a 'harelip', is an opening in the upper lip that can extend into the base of the nostril. A cleft palate is an opening in the roof of the mouth.

The medical team at Medlife performs reconstructive surgery FOR FREE for children and adults whose families could not otherwise afford them.

We believe that everyone deserves to live their lives with dignity and for those born with a cleft lip, cleft palate or other facial deformity, dignity begins with a smile.

'giving people not just a new smile, but a second chance at life'

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Manav Sadhna

Manav Sadhna another inspirational charity based in a quiet corner of Mahatma Gandhi's Ashram in Ahmedabad. Their mission is simply to serve the underprivileged. To this end, they are engaged in constructive humanitarian projects that cuts across barriers of class and religion, while addressing issues faced by some of the most marginalised members of Indian society. 'Ramapir no Tekro', also known as the 'Tekro', is the largest slum in Ahmedabad and is located directly across the road from the Gandhi Ashram. It is home to approximately 150,000 residents and these are the people whose lives are being changed by Manav Sadhna.

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Rotary Eye Institute

The Rotary Eye Institute based in Navsari, Gujarat is among the foremost eye care specialists in the region. Since its inception in the 1970's the hospital has provided cost-effective, quality eye care treatment for all, irrespective of their socio-economic circumstance.

Kamla Foundation partnered up with the Hospital to host an eye screening camp for some of the most marginalised rural communities, focusing on widows in the main, as they are often unaware of available treatments, or simply unable to reach a hospital because of poverty and lack of transportation.

With scattered populations spread across great distances, surgical eye camps are the most efficient way to treat the high rate of eye disorders. Over 200 people participated in the programme and some 40 widows were referred for more specific consultation and cataract surgery. The treatment for all those that participated was met by the Foundation. The eye screening camp played a crucial role in generating awareness about the importance of eye care, emphasising that ignorance can lead to severe eye disorders and blindness.

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