Partners in Tamil Nadu

The FORD Trust

The FORD (Foundation for Rural Development) Trust is a community based organisation, supporting communities living on the margins of society. They currently work across 27 under developed hamlets of Tamil Nadu, India. Their mission is to "promote and protect a humanistic society" irrespective of caste, creed, religion or ethnicity.

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Safe Water Trust

The Safe Water Trust (based in Sunderland, United Kingdom) has pioneered Aquafilters which have been developed to provide safe drinking water for families and communities in developing countries. The Aquafilters make biologically contaminated water from wells, rivers, lakes, stored water, or pipes safe to drink at the point of use.

Aquafilters are operated by hand pumping and do not require an electrical supply. They do not need chemicals or other consumable elements to clean the water and they will last for years. This project aligns well with our goals of assisting to reduce rural poverty and improve the health of the most in need and compliments our principle rural supply programme, where over the last three years we have been installing bore wells across rural Tamil Nadu.

We are currently in discussion to be the second pilot in India with the aim of rolling out the aqauafilters to several villages where communities rely on contaminated open water for their daily chores and who will greatly benefit from the introduction of Aquafilters.

Watch this space for further developments

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