The Need

If parents are unable to provide the resources and meet the school and exam fees required, it is common for children to finish school after completion of Year 7 or Year 8. At this point the children are likely to start working in child labour and their opportunities for the future will be extremely restricted. The children that have been identified for support are all in education at the moment but many of them are unlikely to continue next year without external support, as their parents simply won't be able to provide for them.

Resource Packs

The sponsorship programme will be seeking the support of UK sponsors to provide resource packs to these children enabling them to continue their education.

Resource packs will include uniform, shoes, books, a school bag and stationery. The sponsored amount will also cover school fees and exam fees. Resource packs will be distributed in May 2011 in time for the next academic year that begins in June. By providing these resources you will be ensuring that these children can continue their education to a reasonable standard and not be forced to drop out due to a lack of financial support. The longer these children remain in education, the better their opportunities will be for the future.

Links with the Micro Enterprise Training programme

Unlike the UK, it is not possible to purchase ready-made school uniforms in India, instead material must be bought and uniforms handmade for each child. The resource packs will provide two sets of uniform for each child at the beginning of the academic year. Kamla Foundation supports three tailoring training centres and the women at these centres will be making the uniforms therefore ensuring the money paid for tailoring is again reinvested into these poor rural communities. Through sponsoring a family you will also be supporting women in the tailoring centres ensuring your money is assisting this community in more ways than one. This creates a fantastic opportunity for synergy between Kamla Foundation projects and in the long term will enhance the sustainability of the programmes.

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