What you receive as a sponsor

The first thing you will receive is a Sponsorship Pack with a profile of the child including a personal thank you from your beneficiary family.

In June 2011 you will then receive a photo of the beneficiary in receipt of the resource pack along with a certificate of thanks.

You may wish to forge a personal relationship with your family with an option to exchange letters or gifts. Details of how you can do this will be provided in the Pack. (Please note it may take time for letters to be translated and delivered by hand).

Ongoing Support

If possible, we would like sponsors to consider supporting the family until the children reach their final year of education at the age of 17. This will ensure stability in the child's life and allow a longer term relationship to develop. It also allows a unique opportunity for the UK sponsor to establish a bond with an Indian family and see directly the difference they are making.

Each year you will be sent a Progress Report on your child's health, well-being, achievements and aspirations. In the future it may even be possible to visit your child/family and to see first-hand the problems they are faced with on a daily basis.

Project Management

The project will be managed by the Ford Trust, an organisation that Kamla Foundation has a close relationship with in Tamil Nadu. A central committee will manage all correspondence and the purchasing and distribution of resource packs and gifts. In each village a sub-committee has been set up to ensure each year new beneficiaries are correctly identified and the neediest families are put forward for sponsorship.

See the difference you make

Supporting a family in India offers a unique opportunity for a UK sponsor to make a real difference to the lives of some of the poorest children in rural areas of Tamil Nadu. This programme not only offers the opportunity to give money, if you choose, you can develop a relationship with your family which will allow you to see directly the difference you are making. This connection is something that not only encourages the confidence of the person being supported, but can often be a rewarding and enlightening experience for the sponsor too.

As part of this pilot programme Kamla Foundation are seeking the support of 20 UK sponsors to support 30 children across 20 of the poorest families in rural hamlets of Tamil Nadu in South India.

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