Great Wall of China Trek – September 2017

About time I stepped up to the plate! Celebrating hitting the half-century and a decade of the Foundation, my childhood friend Nilesh and I wanted to mark these special milestones by trekking along the Great Wall of China. An awesome, jaw-dropping experience and one that we both will cherish forever. We also managed to raise over £13,000 for the Foundation.


I am delighted to say that Nilesh and I successfully completed our trek!

It has been a truly daunting undertaking which stretched us physically and emotionally. However we persevered and as we walked along the Great Wall, we were privileged to appreciate the full majestic beauty of the iconic structure, as it snaked over distant hills and disappeared into the horizon, we were mesmerised by the enormity of what we were experiencing.

 Witnessing the breathtaking scenes, you struggle to find words that capture the magnificence of the surroundings, the sun rising and setting behind the Great Wall were just magical. Along the way, sharing stories with fellow trekkers, each had an inspirational tale to tell and were raising money for their personal causes, knowing that through all our collective efforts we will be changing many more lives…that was very humbling indeed!

 Finally, to all those who have sponsored us, our heartfelt thanks, We are delighted to say that through this challenge we raised over £13,000 for our work in India.

Take a look at the photo album below, capturing Bhups recent trek along the Great Wall.