Our Stories

Can Stories make a difference?

We are by nature storytellers. Our brains are wired to tell stories, they are the touchstones of our emotions.

Stories have the power to move us emotionally; stir us intellectually; and teach us too. They help us to make sense out of all the facts, figures and arguments we hear about social justice and how we can collectively challenge injustice.

Think for a moment about how many stories you’ve already told today: to your spouse or partner; to your children; to your colleagues; or to your friends. Stories are the currency of our lives, they are the measure of our days. We are nothing without our stories because stories encapsulate our fears, our failures, our dreams, and our desires. We understand and make sense of our own lives by telling stories about ourselves and others.

We, at Kamla Foundation, want to share our stories, which we hope will move you to think about things a little differently. With our partners, we continue to venture where others remain reluctant to go and have been patient in developing sustainable solutions rather than illusory quick-fixes. 

Every day, I am afraid of the next

A quote from one of our beneficiaries, who was enslaved by a crushing burden of fear and what the future held for her, before we helped turn her life around

Case Studies