Adrian’s Himalaya Trek – 2019

In October 2019, Adrian Roebuck, a long standing supporter embarked on another iconic trek, to raise funds for Kamla Foundation. Back in 2015, Adrian scaled the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and raised over £1,000 for the Foundation!

For this trek, Adrian went deep into the foothills of central Himalaya and ascended to 4,463 metres to the source of the River Ganges. The trek was laden with mesmerising waterfalls, sculptured by the hand of mother Ganga, pristine forests, lush terraced hill villages, dramatic canyons, glaciers and majestic mountains. All this made for a truly unforgettable feast for the soul and senses.

Adrian says,

After months of preparation, India proved to be an experience of a life time. White water rafting and swimming in the river Ganga, day and night time safaris, chapati making in a clay oven, visiting an elephant sanctuary, donkeys with bells, camping on thin ledges with sheer drops, the mountain villages, the terraced fields, women carrying bundles of grass higher and heavier than them, star gazing looking at the Milky Way and beautiful sunsets over mountain tops and the humble yet welcoming villagers who had little but offered us everything. Being woken to school children singing to us. Being blessed at Kartik Swami Temple at a height of 3048m above means sea level (AMSL).

Travelling hundreds of miles by car on mountain passes on what must be some of the words most dangerous road, the chaos of traffic on roads with seemingly no rules in towns passed through, the sights sounds and smells of an Indian market and filling in holes in the road so we could get into our campsite added to the journey to Gangotri and the Gangotri Dham Temple where the Goddess Ganga is said to have descended from heaven and where we were blessed for a second time marking the start of the trek to the source of the holy river Ganges on the first day of Diwali. Trekking in 35 degrees heat carrying 4 litres of water and full kit. Celebrating Diwali in the mountains by candle light over dinner. Eating some amazing food simply cooked in a tent. River crossings in hand pulled cages. Roads blocked by cows, dogs, goats, sheep, pigs and even camels, porters carrying up to 60kg of kit and bites from who knows what insects. Sleeping in a tent at -6 degrees on the Tapovan plateau 4463m AMSL at the foot of Mt Shivling wearing multiple layers of clothes.

Reaching the source of the River Ganges collecting water which our amazing team leader, Mahendra Thapa, says stays is so pure it stays fresh for 15 years! The best support team I have trekked with and trekking with good friends made for life. Visiting the Taj Mahal. All that and so much more. It was a tough yet magical experience I will never forget. I wish to thank everyone who has sponsored my fundraising efforts for the Kamla Foundation. Knowing this will leave a legacy of the trip which will benefit some of the most impoverished people in India for years to come is something we can all feel proud of, thank you all”.

Donations are still coming in and the total will be in excess of a £1,000.

A massive well done Adrian!