Past Projects and Events

As the Foundation has evolved, we have undertaken new projects as older ones have reached their natural cycle of completion. We continue to focus our attention on issues and places not only where we know that change is needed, but where we have a real ability to affect change.


Kamla Foundation supports a Boys Orphanage

These boys have been either orphaned or their parents cannot look after them due to their dire financial plight and they range from the ages of 4 to 14. The facilities are barely adequate and their long daily regime is almost completely given to study with very little time and absolutely no equipment for play.

The initial support offered by the Foundation has been to provide an extensive range of sports equipment, e.g. football, cricket, chess sets etc. and toys for the younger boys. We believe that ‘play’, forms the bedrock of a healthy childhood. It helps to develop ideas and creativity, relationships, physical co-ordination, emotions and communication skills.

Future support is in the shape of volunteer assistance for the sole teacher there, as well as extra educational resources to widen the scope of the studies of the children.

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The Context

In India today, millions of children live in desperate need of the very things we often take for granted; shelter, food, safe drinking water, medicine and education. Without these basics, they are often denied the chance they need to ever realise their full potential. Children that come from a widowed family are in an even more difficult situation. Widows are amongst the most stigmatised and deprived people in India today because once their husbands have died or abandoned them, they are left totally without support. In order to sustain themselves and their children, they must look for whatever work is available. With insufficient wages, they frequently rely on their children to make up the shortfall.

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Resource Packs

The sponsorship programme has received support from sponsors to provide resource packs to these children enabling them to continue their education. Resource packs include uniform, shoes, books, a school bag and stationery. The sponsored amount will also cover school and exam fees. Resource packs are distributed at the start of each academic year which begins in June. By providing these resources we ensure that the children can continue their education to a reasonable standard and not be forced to drop out due to a lack of financial support. The longer these children remain in education, the better their life chances.

Child Sponsorship

Kamla Foundation working with some of the world’s poorest children to move from a life of poverty to a future with opportunity.

We are supporting India’s next generation of Teachers, Engineers, Civil Servants, Lawyers and Doctors…

 The Foundation has developed a sponsorship programme to support 30 children from rural areas of Tamil Nadu who are living in extreme poverty, (many with a widowed or abandoned parent) and in need of assistance in order to be able to start/continue their education and improve their life chances.

Beneficiary Families

The children that have been identified live across rural hamlets in Tamil Nadu and were initially selected by leaders of local women’s groups as being the neediest in the community. All the children that were identified have been visited; their situation assessed and detailed profiles completed.

See the difference you make

Supporting a family in India offers a unique opportunity for the sponsor to make a real difference to the lives of some of the poorest children in rural areas of Tamil Nadu. This programme not only offers the opportunity to give money, but to develop a relationship with the child and family which will allow you to see directly the difference you are making. This connection is something that not only encourages the confidence of the person being supported, but can often be a rewarding and enlightening experience for the sponsor too.

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